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Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes

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Our mythological history is filled with wondrous tales of mystical characters, heroic deeds and great battles which offer a fantastic catalogue of amazing stories. The series is presented by former World Boxing

You Couldn’t Make It Up

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You Couldn’t Make It Up is a topical, comedy,  radio panel-show. You Couldn’t Make It Up is a topical, comedy, panel-show where two teams compete over a series of distinct,

Brent Pope : Inside Out

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Brent Pope is best known for his rugby punditry on RTÉ yet another deep rooted passion of his is “Outsider Art”.                  

The Teens’ Midwife

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A two part observational documentary series depicting the work of Una O’Brien, Ireland’s first Clinical Midwife Specialist in Teenage Pregnancy based at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda.    


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In this very emotive, documentary series, Clinical Psychologist, David Coleman explores the issue of teenage bullying in Ireland.                          

DIY Brides

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In this Lifestyle series, Wedding Designer extraordinaire, Peter Kelly a.k.a. “Franc” mentors six bridal couples on a very tight budget!                    

Families In The Wild

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An observational, educational series,  sees clinical psychologist, David Coleman take three families to the isolation and tranquillity of the Kerry wilderness for a week of activities and therapy.      

Teens In The Wild Series 2

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Celtic Media Award Winner                                                     

Teens In The Wild Series 1

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An observational documentary series where 6 rebellious teenage boys are sent by their overwrought parents to a wilderness camp for 3 weeks.                

What Have The Brit’s Ever Done For Us

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An authored documentary which highlights the uniquely complex relationship between Ireland and its closest neighbour in a provocative, entertaining and intelligent way.