Bernard Dunnes Mythical Heroes (2 Series)

Bernard Dunnes Mythical Heroes (2 Series) Our mythological history is filled with wondrous tales of mystical characters, heroic deeds and great battles which offer a fantastic catalogue of amazing stories. These 2

Blasts From The Past

Two 6 x 25’ Comedy Drama Series featuring Emily Blast, a trainee time traveller whose mission is to recover historical objects that have gone missing. With the help of a

The Imagination Machine

The Imagination Machine (11 x 8’) sees three young siblings  (Ella 10, Blaze 7 and Lucy 4) discover facts about the world using their ‘Imagination Machine’, a large cardboard box


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In this 3 part documentary series, Clinical Psychologist, David Coleman explores the issue of teenage bullying in Ireland. With the help of victims, their families and experts, he explores people’s sense of