Good Vibrations

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An inspiring and insightful documentary exploring the life and fascinating work of Orla O’Sullivan from Cork who is Ireland’s first Deaf and Visually impaired music teacher to deaf and hearing students.

Autism & Me

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An inspiring 1 x 52’ documentary exploring the world of autism as experienced by a number of children, teenagers and young adults who relate their stories in their own words.

What Have the Brits Done For Us?

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An authored 1 x 52’ documentary, presented by David McWilliams, which highlights the uniquely complex relationship between Ireland and its closest neighbour in a provocative, entertaining and intelligent way. Commissioned

Teens in the Wild (2 Series)

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Two 3 x 52’ observational documentary series where 6 rebellious teenagers are sent by their overwrought parents to a wilderness camp for 3 weeks. Guided and assisted by clinical psychologist,


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A landmark broadcast & research project that brings RTE, SFI and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics together to conduct a first ever National Citizens Survey about Stress and wellbeing

Outside Art with Brent Pope

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Brent Pope is best known for his rugby punditry on RTÉ but in this 1 x 52’ documentary, he travels the length and breadth of the country to meet ‘Outsider


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In this 3 part documentary series, Clinical Psychologist, David Coleman explores the issue of teenage bullying in Ireland. With the help of victims, their families and experts, he explores people’s sense of